Northern Lights Chase to Aurora Camps

Maximise your chances of seeing the northern lights on this exciting tour combining the northern lights chase with a visit to one of our aurora camps.

For this tour you will be picked up from our meeting point in the city center of Tromsø, from where we set off by bus to chase the northern lights. Along the way we will search for locations with low light pollution, minimal cloud coverage and scenic backdrop to make some photo stops.  
Which one of our camps we go to will depend on the latest aurora and weather forecast, decided upon by our guides prior to (sometimes during) the tour. All of our camps have cabins or comfortable lavvus (Sami tents), while toilet facilities are located on the bus.  

At the camp, we will serve a warm stew and enjoy a warm beverage around the fire as we wait for the northern lights to occur.
If you are lucky and the northern lights start flickering above in the sky, the guide will assist you when making your own photos and will take some portrait photos which will be send to you after the tour.

Of course we can’t offer any guarantees since the northern lights are a natural phenomenon, but we promise to use all our experience to maximise our chances of a successful chase

What to know in advance:  

  • There is no refund if the northern lights do not appear, however you may book the same tour a second time at 50% discount at our sales shop in Tromsø.
  • Please inform us in advance of allergies or any other dietary restrictions
  • Warm winter clothes, boots and tripods are provided by us at the start of the tour.

Physical difficulty level: Easy

Included in the tour:  

  • Transfer by bus (Capacity 48 pax)  
  • English speaking guide(s)
  • Toilet on board the bus
  • Hot drink and biscuits
  • Outdoor meal
  • Digital photographs (accessible online after the tour)
  • Tripods
  • Thermal suits and boots

What to bring: Although we provide thermal suits and you will be able to spend some time inside the lavvu by the campfire, we do recommend dressing well, with warm layers of wool and a down jacket.  
We also recommend you to bring a hat, mittens, scarf and warm socks.

Departure Time: 18:00
Meeting Time and Place: 17:45 Sjøgata 16, Norwegian Travel Shop – Entrance from Storgata

Duration of the tour: 18:00 – After midnight (6-8 hours)


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