Opening December 2024

About us

Tromsø Ice Domes Snow Park is located 95km away from Tromsø and forms part of our Wilderness Camp in the Tamok Valley.

Even though the drive to the Tamok Valley is mesmerizing in itself, the true magic starts at your arrival in camp. During winter, the Tromsø Ice Domes Snow Park is dressed in its shiniest ice suit and with sugary snow that twinkles in the moonlight. There are plenty to explore as you wander around through a fascinating display of snow and ice sculptures. How about getting lost in the snow maze? Or set out on an adventure inside one of the two ice domes? Marvel at the amazing art as it’s coming to life in its natural surroundings of pristine nature and peaceful Arctic landscapes.

At the Wilderness Camp, you will also find other activities such as husky sledding, reindeer sledding and visits, snowmobiling, Northern Lights, snowshoeing, glamping, and overnight stays in cozy cabins.
About us

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