How is the Tromsø Ice Domes Snow Park built?

The Tamok Valley, the area in which the park is located, has a unique positioning climate wise. The winters in the valley are long, stable, and cold- making it an ideal location for Tromsø Ice Domes Snow Park. Every winter, an international crew of professional snow carvers is flown in to transform blocks of ice and snow into incredible Arctic Art rebuilding the Snow Park.

Inside the park, there are snow domes as well as ice sculptures and other freezing features such as a captivating labyrinth! The snow is usually made on the spot by snow cannons and formed into the shapes needed. The ice is harvested from a local lake up in the mountains and transported down to this Winter Wonderland. Every year, the artists follow a new theme, and every year is more marvellous than the last.

Is the Snow Park suitable for children?

Yes it is from 4 years old. Please note that each child must be accompanied by an adult.

What is Wilderness experience?

Encounters with Arctic Wildlife - Get close to the two most iconic animals of Northern Norway: cuddle and take photos with our huskies and go visit the reindeers near the Sculpture Park.

Do I need any special equipment or clothing?

Camp Tamok provides thermal suits, boots, and other necessary winter gear. However, you should wear warm base layers and bring a hat, gloves, and scarf.

What types of activities are available at a snow park?

Campfire Crafting- Learn the essential survival skills from your knowledgeable guide as you partake in the art of crafting a campfire, essential for staying comfortable on a cold winter's day.

Snow Adventures - Get active and try navigating through snow-covered terrain on tandem skis. Race the other team for an extra dose of excitement!

Sculpture Park - Discover the magic of the snow and ice sculptures inside the Sculpture Park!

Will Snow Park still offer Ice Domes for overnight stays?

Regrettably, starting from the 2024/2025 season, we will no longer be constructing the Ice Domes with accommodation available, which means the overnight package will no longer be available. However, we are excited to announce that a new Snow Park will be offered to our guests, complete with new and thrilling activities. For more information on these activities, please visit norwegian.travel


Depending on your activity, we will have buses going from Tromsø and back again. You might want to book a day activity, or choose an overnight option where you stay for one night in our camp. Please see the activities for more information in regards to transport.

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