Welcome to our Winter Wonderland

Are you ready to experience the true Arctic Experience at Tromsø Ice Domes Snow Park?

 Join us for a range of outdoor winter activities and engaging storytelling at the Ice Domes sculpture park. Get inspired by the work of our professional snow carving artists as you will get the unique opportunity to create your own snow sculpture afterwards!

Get onboard our bus from the city center of Tromsø and come with us to the remote Tamok Valley. The bus ride takes approximately 90 minutes, and will bring you far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Upon arrival at the camp, you can freshen up and gear up in the warm winter clothes and boots we provide, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable during your visit.
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Campfire Crafting:
Learn the essential survival skills from your knowledgeable guide as you partake in the art of crafting a campfire, essential for staying comfortable on a cold winter's day. Gather around the warmth and light of the fire while you immerse yourself in captivating stories about the local lifestyle and the rich culture of the Arctic region. Grill your own sausages while we serve a bowl of soup and a hot berry juice, both keeping you warm and cozy outdoors.
Tromsø Ice Domes Sculpture Park:
Discover the magic of the snow and ice sculptures inside the Sculpture Park! Wander around by yourself through a mesmerising display of snow and ice sculptures, a snow maze and explore our two domes. Marvel at the amazing art coming to life with light in its natural surroundings of pristine nature and peaceful Arctic landscapes.

Snow Adventures:
Get active and try navigating through snow-covered terrain on tandem skis. Race the other team for an extra dose of excitement! Learn about the history and evolution of skis, from a traditional form of transportation to its recreational and competitive forms today.
Snow Carving Activity:
Inspired by the works of professional snow artists, you will get the unique chance of using your creative skills in shaping your own snow sculpture! With the guidance of an experienced instructor and divided in small groups, you can pick up your own carving tools and start sculpting your own masterpiece out of a large block of compressed and hard snow.

Encounters with Arctic Wildlife:
Get close to the two most iconic animals of Northern Norway: cuddle and take photos with our huskies and go visit the reindeers near the Tromsø Ice Domes Snow Park.

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