About Tromso Ice Domes

Tromsø Ice Domes is located at our Wilderness Camp in the Tamok Valley and is a 95km drive away from Tromsø City. Tromsø Ice Domes is a unique Snow Park which is built from scratch at the start of every winter season. An international crew of professional snow carvers are flown in to transform blocks of ice and snow to incredible Arctic Art.
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We offer tours that include transportation from the city and back, along with a range of activities. Upon arrival, you will find husky and reindeer sledding, snowmobiling, Northern Lights and glamping as well as overnight stays in cabins.
Even though the drive to the Tamok Valley is mesmerizing in itself, the true magic starts at your arrival in camp. During winter, the Tromsø Ice Domes Snow Park is dressed in its shiniest ice suit and with sugary snow that twinkles in the moonlight. There are plenty to explore as you wander around through a fascinating display of snow and ice sculptures. How about getting lost in the snow maze? Or set out on an adventure inside the two ice domes? Marvel at the amazing art as it’s coming to life in its natural surroundings of pristine nature and peaceful Arctic landscapes.
Some fun facts about the Tamok Valley and Camp Tamok;
·     Tamok means ‘trout’ in the Finnish and Sami languages- a very appropriate name given the abundance of this fish in the river running through the valley.
·     The surrounding mountains are over 1200m of altitude and contribute to keeping the valley cold during the two-month long Polar Night.
·     In winter, it is common to have about 7 degrees celsius less in Tamok than in Troms making it the ideal place for keeping the Tromsø Ice Domes in good shape throughout the winter.

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